Multilevel Login System using PHP and HTML

Are you trying to design a multilevel login system using PHP? Well, I have created a complete video on how you can achieve it.

So, a multilevel login system is basically a login form which will redirect the user according to the role assigned to him.

For example: Let us consider a School Management System. Here you’ll have three different types of users like Management, Staff, and Students. Creating different login pages for everyone can sometimes become a mess. So it will be a great idea to code a single form for all three user types.

Working of Multilevel Login System

The working of the is very simple. The user will just have to select his assigned position like Management or staff or student, enter his username and password and he’ll be redirected to the landing page according to the role assigned.

The Process

I have divided the video in three different steps.

  1. Create User Login Page
  2. Design the Database
  3. The Connectivity

1. Create User Login Page

Like any other login page, we have to design the same here. The only additional element we need to add is the drop-down menu from where the users will select their assigned roles.

Therefore, you’ll have a drop-down list, a text field for username and a password field for password (obviously).

Simple Multilevel Login System using PHP and HTML

2. Design the Database

This is the most crucial step that you’ll need to focus on. This is where the true magic is.

Create a table with fields like Username, Password, and Role with datatype as varchar, varchar, and ENUM respectively.

The ENUM datatype will help us to validate the user according to their roles.

3. The Connectivity

Once we have our Login page and the database, now its time to write a PHP script to validate the users username, password and the role he selected while login into the system.

The code may differ according to which PHP version you are using. Follow the complete video and if you have any doubt do comment below

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